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AFGRI Animal Feeds is a world-class supplier of advanced animal feed products and services. We play a vital role in the food chain by converting raw materials into balanced feed for animal production to feed the nation, and we strive to be a frontrunner of sustainable business through our comprehensive range of rations for poultry, dairy, beef, sheep, pig, game and pet food.

AFGRI Animal Feeds is committed to the provision of superior manufacturing technologies, service excellence and on-going innovation. In our efforts to support our customers’ individual and changing needs, we develop products to ensure that animals maintain their peak performance and health with optimal nutrition, thereby improving feed efficiency and fostering economically viable, sustainable partnerships with our customers and farmers. In doing so, we aim to make a positive contribution to food production and food security across the African continent.


AFGRI Animal Feeds supply AminoMax®, a patented plant-based bypass protein to international and local ruminant animal markets. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process utilizes green technology to processes canola, soybean and sunflower meals to produce a highly palatable product that provides a consistent supply of bioavailable essential amino acids to the animal. This allows for optimal animal health as well as improved production parameters for dairy, feedlot cattle, sheep and game. This technology improves the efficiency of nitrogen utilization and enables precision amino acid formulation of diets.

The division is committed to provide technical expertise, advice and services to our Customers in an effort to support their business needs.


Having a production capacity of approximately 900 000 tons per annum, our operation is marked as one of South Africa’s leading animal feed manufacturers. Aside from operating ISO9001 accredited six feed mills and four depots located strategically across South Africa.

Our Vision

AFGRI Animal Feeds’ mission is to be a world-class supplier of technologically advanced, safe animals and value-added services, through skilled staff, contributing to improved customer performance. This is achieved through six feed mills situated in strategic areas nationally.

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