It is at times of the greatest adversity that we see the power of community, and while it is difficult to measure the impact of the spirit of Ubuntu, there are some occasions when a gift can be measured in tons.

This week is one such time as 280 tons of love, in the form of Gold Power Yellow Maize Meal, is being distributed to communities across South Africa. The maize meal is a donation from Philafrica Foods, a food processing company whose vision is to transform the lives of Africans.

Gerhard Niemann of AFGRI Animal Feeds, JJ Lewack, Corene Conradie and Dirk Tarentaal, vice-chair of Military veterans in Eastern Cape. 67 Military Veterans in Graaff-Reinet were very thankful for the first food parcels they’ve received since the beginning of Covid-19 Lockdown.

Corene Conradie and Randall Goliath from Gift of the Givers look on as Edwill Jantjies in truck pass food parcels to members of community in Aberdeen. Gerhard Niemann from AFGRI Animal Feeds is on far right.

Gerhard Niemann (AFGRI Animal Feeds) helps organise food parcels for distribution in Aberdeen. In background, Corene Conradie and journalist Ferdie de Vos.

Edwill Jantjies and Corene Conradie (Gift of the Givers) with Gerhard Niemann (AFGRI Animal Feeds) at a handover of 67 food parcels and Gold Power maize meal for military veterans in Graaff-Reinet.

“We have seen how Covid-19’s impact on our economy is hitting our people hard,” says Roland Decorvet, CEO of Philafrica. “Families are hungry and communities are struggling, and we are in the fortunate position of being able to make a tangible difference in this situation.

“We are proud that this donation by our family of companies, that is AFGRI Animal Feeds, AFGRI Milling and Nedan, will be putting food on the tables in more than 12 000 homes which amounts to approximately 2.8m meals.”

The yellow maize meal will be distributed in many of our provinces and will touch many communities across South Africa. The distribution is being carried out with the help of internationally renowned NGO the Gift of the Givers and other Community based NGO’s. In addition, the communities based near the companies’ production facilities will also benefit from the donation.

The loading of the Gift of the Givers truck and distribution of food parcels by Gift of the Givers to the community in Graaff-Reinet.

Philafrica’s donation is in keeping with the investment company’s way of working across Africa encapsulated in their pay-off line “Food With Purpose”.

“We focus on unlocking the potential of African agriculture through food processing, sourcing directly from small holder farmers and actively investing in new markets across the continent,” Decorvet explains.

“As we work together to rebuild our economy and navigate our way out of this pandemic, we need our people to be well fed, fit and healthy so that they can play their part. This donation is our way of helping to make that happen.”

The first load of the 280 tons Gold Power Yellow Maize Meal donation is on the road to be handed to Gift of the Givers for the Cape Town communities.