JOCK Dog Food is scientifically formulated to unleash your dog’s inner legend, because heroes aren’t born, they’re made. As we only use quality ingredients, our veterinary-formulated dog food is not only delicious, but also rich in protein and loaded with essential minerals and vitamins to address your dog’s day-to-day nutritional needs. This is key to protecting their health and making sure that your furry friend enjoys all of life’s adventures at their physical and mental best.

Our Products

JOCK Dog Food is a complete and balanced diet, made using a nutritionally superior recipe. JOCK Dog Food manufactures a full line of natural and nutritious dry dog foods.

JOCK Dog Food manufactures a full line of natural and nutritious dry dog foods.

  • JOCK Grandeur Large Breed – Puppy
  • JOCK Grandeur Large Breed – Junior
  • JOCK Grandeur Large Breed – Adult
  • JOCK Junior
  • JOCK Multistage
  • JOCK Value

Product Quality & Food Safety

JOCK Dog Food strives to maintain excellent product quality and service by ensuring ISO 9001:2015 is successfully implemented throughout the company.

Along with the ISO certification, the facility’s food safety concerns are carefully managed and mitigated by a HACCP system. The successful implementation of this system is demonstrated through our FSA Certificate of Achievement which is audited annually by external Auditors

The facility has also maintained export approval for consecutive years. This certificate is granted by the state veterinarian of the Department of Agriculture after a thorough on-site inspection and allows our product to be exported to other African countries.

Food Safety and Quality Certificates:

SO 9001:2015  | FSA Certificate of Achievement  | ZA Export Certificate

JOCK Dog Food takes pride in the procurement and use of raw materials of the highest quality. All raw materials are delivered to the premises with a certificate of analysis, based on our strict standards.

All final products produced in the dog food plant go through strict quality procedures before they are released from the plant to the public. Final products are inspected through Near Infra-Red technology (NIR) for protein, moisture and fat.

JOCK Dog Food continuously strives to advance your dogs’ health and wellbeing and enrich their lives and lifestyles as they have enriched ours. Our research and development of superior nutritional products and growing understanding of their unique needs, provides information to ensure all dog lovers have peace of mind when feeding their beloved animals.

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