Oilseed extraction and refining at its best.

At Nedan, raw materials are processed into high-protein, texturised vegetable products and oils for the food processing and fast food industries.

As a bulk oil supplier to the industrial food market and related industries in Southern Africa, Nedan is also the market leader in texturised vegetable protein for human consumption and oil cake for the animal feed industry. We are the supplier of choice for many leading brands in South Africa.

NEDAN Oils and Protein is an oilseed processing facility with operations based in Mokopane, Limpopo. Operations include Solvent Extraction, Refining and Extrusion.

In the Solvent Extraction plant, the primary raw material (soya beans) are processed into:

  • A high protein soya oil cake (animal feed ingredient); or
  • A high protein soya meal; and
  • Soya bean oil.

In the Extrusion facility the high protein soya oil meal is processed into textured vegetable protein, a meat extender/replacer.

In the Refinery the soya bean oil is processed into edible vegetable oil. Other oil types such as sunflower seed oil, cotton seed oil and palm oil, procured at various stages of processing (crude to fully refined) is also accommodated in the Refinery.

NEDAN has substantial processing capacity:

  Extraction 255 000 metric tonnes soya beans processed

  Refinery 84 000 metric tonnes fully refined edible oil

  Extrusion 37 200 metric tonnes textured product

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most technologically advanced oil and soya protein processing company in Southern Africa, based on a culture of competitiveness, quality products, full traceability, freedom to innovate and a fervent pursuit of efficiency. We aim to achieve this through plant innovation, processing efficiencies and on-going product development.


When you are a NEDAN customer, your product requirement is met through targeted procurement, innovative processing and delivery solutions, qualified sales staff and a fully equipped laboratory for complete analysis and compliance to international standards as well as your specific requirements.

Textured Vegetable (Soya) Protein

Suitable for human consumption and used in applications which span the retail sector, school nutrition programmes and the butchery trade. Traditionally used as a meat extender and available in coloured or natural soya colour, formed in a variety of sizes with descriptors relating to the meat industry: fine mince, standard mince, course mince, nuggets, and chunks.

Fully Refined Vegetable Oil 

A range of oils based on application – from sauces to oil for deep frying.  Either pure oil types or blends are available based on the specific requirements of our customers.

Soya Oil Cake (Solvent Extracted)

A protein source for animal feeds. The Oils and Protein soya oil cake is sold under the tradename PROMAX and is widely distributed across South Africa.

Defatted soya flour

A low fibre, low fat, high protein soya flour.
The product is marketed extensively to the bakery trade.

Crude De-gummed Soya Bean Oil

An energy source for animal feeds.

Food Safety, quality and certification

At Philafrica Oils and Protein, all specifications relating to product quality are strenuously adhered to. Food safety is a top priority and therefore we have been certified against the GFSI recognised, FSSC 22000 standard requirements and independently audited by the certification body Aspirata. 

The business furthermore adheres to and successfully maintain customer certification requirements such as Kosher and Halaal.

Additional to food safety certification, NEDAN is proud to announce compliance and certification in terms of the farm feed registration act 36, which allows the business to import or sell products under the Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act,
1947 (Act 36 of 1947).

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